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Organic Search Traffic Up, Paid Down ?

Fri, May 15, 2009


Organic Search Traffic Up, Paid Down ?

Hitwise released data which seems to indicate that the share of search traffic coming from paid listings is decreasing at the expense of organic traffic.

  • In the four weeks to May 9, 2009, 7.25% of search engine traffic to All Categories of websites was from paid clicks. This compares to 9.84% in the same four-week period in 2008 – representing a 26% decline in the share of paid clicks.
  • The share of paid clicks to Insurance websites was down 22% for the year, Retail 500 down 20% and Travel Agencies down 25%. The steady and consistent decline across categories indicates that this is not an isolated or seasonal variance.
  • 35.75% of clicks on searches for “orbitz” were on paid listings in the four weeks to May 9, 2009. This compares to 46.56% in the same four-week period in 2008. This represents a 23% decrease year over year.

paid clicks declining

Referrals from search engines continue to climb but the proportion of clicks going to sponsored or paid listings is decreasing. This is no doubt a result of cutbacks in marketing spend which seems to indicate that the recession could be the huge factor.

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