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So What’s New With YouTube Layout?

Sat, May 11, 2013

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So What’s New With YouTube Layout?

YouTube has released its new channel layout, YouTube One Channel. The updates give brands the opportunity to personalize and organize their page in ways that are very different from previous user capabilities.

Here is an example of the new youtube layout (ijustine channel)

iJustine-new youtube lkayout

1) Larger (banner) Channel Art – Banners are now called “Channel Art” (just another term to learn), the large image size is 2120 x 1192 and can be designed so it’s responsive (resizes) to various browsing experiences (TV’s, desktops, tablets ,mobile devices)

2) Custom Links Displayed on you Banner Art – The main link to your website is now displayed on your channel art and you can choose from a variety of custom links or up to 4 social links will show along with their fav icons (Facebook , Twitter,  Flickr, Pinterest, etc.)

To update the links, just hover over the right side of your channel art and click “Edit Links.”

social and custom links on youtube

3) Your Profile Picture is now Inside the Header –  Your profile pic will float on the left side of your channel art.

4) Channel Trailers – Creating a short video introducing people to your channel (seen by non-subscribers or subscribers). These videos are on auto play only, so be careful when browsing YouTube at work.

5) Increased Control – Now there is more flexibility with how your playlists and videos are displayed.  Add a new “Section” to feature your playlists, uploads,Likes etc.


What the new youtube layout has left out

1) Background images – All that time and effort that was put in creating blending and sizing that cool background.. oops gone.All youtube channels will be the same well at least until the next update.

2) Image Maps – We can’t create clickable links within your channel banner anymore.  This is most likely to the new custom links that appear on your channel art that.

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